About Julian M Johnson

Born and raised in Austin, TX, Julian received his B.A. in Studio Art from Wesleyan University. He now lives in NYC.

Contact - julianmjohnson9@gmail.com


"Hi, How Are You?" at World Suicide Prevention Day, Lifeline Shanghai - Shanghai, China (2018)

"I Country, I Uncountry" at the Mansfield Freeman Center for East Asian Studies, Wesleyan University - Middletown, CT (2017-2018)


“Senior Thesis Exhibition” at Zilkha Gallery - Middletown, CT (2019)

“New Talents 2019” at Belgrade Photo Month - Belgrade, Serbia (2019)

“Too Tired Project Slideshow Exhibition” at Leica Gallery - Warsaw, Poland (2019)

"Travelers" at Blank Wall Gallery - Athens, Greece (2018)

"About Me" at the Millepiani - Rome, Italy (2018)

"The Mask" at the Millepiani - Rome, Italy (2018)

"The 14th People's Gallery Exhibition" at Austin City Hall - Austin, TX (2018)

"Objectified" at the CICA Museum - Gimpo, South Korea (2018)

"We Shot Rock Stars and Lived by the Rock & Roll" at AC Gallery - Los Angeles, CA (2017)

"Metamorphosis" at Davidson Art Center - Middletown, CT (2017)

"Walls, Fences, and Doors: Obstacle or Opportunity" at Spectrum Gallery - Centerbrook, CT (2017)

"The 13th People's Gallery Exhibition" at Austin City Hall - Austin, TX (2017)

"Equal Protection of Laws: America's Fourteenth Amendment" at The Holocaust and Human Rights Center of Maine - Augusta, ME (2016)


Real Art Award - Hartford, CT (2019)

College of the Environment Research Fellowships - Middletown, CT (2016 - 2018)

Wesleyan Center for the Arts Creative Campus Initiative - Middletown, CT (2017)

Davenport Study Grant - Middletown, CT (2017)


Spread Art - Detroit, MI (2016)